A Service Apartment is similar to a hotel based on working principle. Guests pay charges on daily basis. The apartments are basically a home with all the amenities like AC, bed, towel, bathroom,etc. Some of the unique features of a service apartment are listed below:

  • Service apartments provide cost-effective solutions for people traveling out of their home.
  • Staying in a serviced apartment gives you access to the kitchen which is not possible in a hotel.
  • In most cases a caretaker is always there in the apartment to cater the needs.
  • It reduces the task of setting up of home.
  • There are other people staying in the neighbouring bedroom so you can socialize as well and make friends.
  • For the amount that you pay, the space you get is much more. This will help you in getting clean and organized.

Key Differentiators from a Hotel

The rooms are substantially bigger giving guests more space to relax or entertain guests, in privacy. There is more privacy as compared to lodges and hotels, since turnover of guests is lesser, leading to a quieter atmosphere. Also, you avoid chaos of living next to busy, commercial areas where hotels and lodges are usually located. Most of the services are exorbitantly charged in hotels. The food in a Serviced Apartment is homely, and you have the option of cooking yourself, rather than expensive room service and dining out associated with hotels.

Serviced Apartments are places designed for a short stay of few days or longer stay of even a year. The rates are fixed on a daily or a weekly or a monthly basis or for longer stay, you can negotiate the rate . There are several categories of accommodation in a Serviced Apartment. There is a single room, or a studio apartment with a kitchenette; a one-bedroom apartment; a two-bedroom apartment; or a apartment with more bedrooms. Each bedroom usually has an attached bathroom. Except for the single room, the other categories are independent apartments, with complete privacy.

Serviced Apartments are provided with fully equipped kitchenettes, television sets, Wi Fi internet access, room service and round-the-clock security, laundry, housekeeping among other facilities.

So if you are looking for service apartments in Mumbai you can have a look at the below apartments

Hexa Homes Service Apartment – Best for people travelling to Bombay Exhibition Center.

Dreams Apartment – Best for people having work in IIT Bombay and Hiranandani hospital.