Seeing as the past few years, The society of India is globally fast the people are becoming modern. The lifestyle of people, attitude and points of you, The people are rapidly changing daily lives. The people have doubts and we are solving the problem to help us. You have any doubt read my page carefully.

We Indians are serious about culture ,Like celebrating our festivals, various types of traditions in your country India. Everything is changing but the one thing will never change. A bond of love will never change, But still who does or doesn’t love is creating boundaries of a chain of rules. The couple who spends time in gardens or beaches and waking giving hand in hand. This type of couple wants a searching place for spending good quality time and it’s difficult to find a place. .The couple want some privacy, If they are going to book a hotel room for a few hours then they are not allowed to be an unmarried couple. And the couple found the place the police will be involved many times and “moral” police do issue between it.

The unmarried couple finds the gardens and parks to spend good quality time not only but. They want hotels to spend good quality time for a few hours. There are a few resorts, hotels, retiring rooms in India and most of them are unwelcoming for the unmarried couple to rent a room .Searching everywhere but not getting response and you are getting tired and frustrated. A hotel room has a room to give unmarried couples but you plan it for your own. You have seen the rule of hotel and pretext of laws.

Learning about being an unmarried couple spending good quality time in a hotel is right or wrong. You will say this is “illegal”. But in fact it’s not illegal to spend time in a hotel. The law does not tell or command you to rent out rooms to unmarried couples. It is not mentioned in law that it’s illegal for unmarried couples to spend time at a hotel and not only in law the supreme court announced that nowhere states it is “illegal” for unmarriedcouples to spend good quality time in hotels . In court the Judges and senior lawyers openly announced that there are no records in law in Indian constitution that doesn’t give room to unmarried couples to spend quality time in hotels, lodges, resorts and rooms. The manager of hotels, lodges, resorts and room of societies because of fundamental rights.

The group of six students went to Kerala to tour four boys and two girls from Pune. Before booking the hotel all doesn’t know that there are not allowed unmarried groups in one room and because unmarried couples automatically cancel the room he gets on rent. There are such cases from other states like Kanpur , Delhi, Haryana especially in metro cities where they are high cases every year. Although to spend quality time with unmarried couples in hotels it’s not illegal. On the website written there it is allowed or not allowed to spend time with the unmarried couple in a hotel. Only you keep in your mind it’s not illegal.


You are thinking why hotels are not allowed to spend time together in hotel rooms. The hotels have reputations and because of one mistake he doesn’t have to lose all reputation because of hotels worry and not giving rooms in hotels. In Mumbai one time in a hotel 40 unmarried couples were arrested because hotel privacy cant give room to unmarried couples. And get them in jail and all have to pay a penalty of 1200 and the police call all parents of couples to the police station to give punishment to all couples know body know that the hotel room booking for unmarried couples is not illegal at all!


  1. There are some hotels that give room to unmarried couples in India . There some hotels give room to spend quality time with partners without any problem when also you are an unmarried couple. There are safe ways to book hotel rooms and it is online booking. This is best when you are booking a hotel online then you pre-book hotel for two people. when ever you are booking the room in hotel you saw all the things are comfortable or not comfortable.
  2. The second and the most important thing you must read carefully is privacy policies as well as some hotels are not allowed for unmarried couples and that’s why read policy of hotels.
  3. Nobody can blackmail you if you are in hotels and you are an unmarried couple. only just read carefully and you will be confident.
  4. Note that you are an unmarried couple you must carry your id proof with you. The valid identification is checked in the hotel . There are no rules for unmarried couples to not give us rooms to spend good quality time. You and your partner are 18 year old then only you can book a hotel room.


We also have a website where you can book a room also with an unmarried couple and it is in your cities and the list of hotels is big and you will be happy when you see it. The hotel’s facilities are awesome and friendly staff is there. You will see the special facilities on our website or on the app where you take a hotel room on rent for a few hours.

The law does not have rules for unmarried couples in hotel rooms, mostly two ways to stay in hotels. The correct legal identification like Aadhaar card, pan card. Because many are doing wrong coming with call girls and showing fake aadhaar card or pan card and it say a prostitution in legally wil say using place commercial for prostitution hotel and its ssay aalso a prohits doing sex as proffesions .

The couple there are no rules in law that you can’t stay in a room together when you are an unmarried couple. In some cases you are seen committing a crime or there you can directly call to inform police authorities.

Spending time with your partner, whatever married or unmarried it’s not illegal in front of law . But you and your partner must be below . if you may apply this condition you will save every time. You must strictly follow this rule

The totally illegal in front of law is you are handing middleman racket, marking meeting between customer and call girls, forcing to any girl or woman for doing prostitution s illegal and might be arrest for it also

The number of people in our nation is increasing. That’s why you will go completely secure and think about our culture we indian not another country! Think about it.

You must note that you are boyfriend and she is your girlfriend then all are legal for you. But in some states like Rajasthan, Gujrat etc. you have to face some problems over there which will not give you room for rent to spend time with your partner. You must visit the five star or four star hotels.

In the hotels you must check the reputation of the hotel for the hotel who is staying. The review will tell you all things about saw the price of hotel is low from other hotels. Then don’t go and stay there because some hotels have spy cameras and are fixed there camera to see all what we are doing here all records here and blackmails us and demands to do something for or give money. We want privacy and somebody to record your video then what types of privacy you get from hotels you pay cheap you get service cheap.

In many states where the checking of unmarried couples is not allowed because they are thinking that giving room to unmarried couples is illegal in law. Some hotel staff will say no to giving room in hotels . They don’t want any type of accident to be done there in a hotel room. They don’t want to damage their reputation in some cases. In some cases the media will be insulted and close the hotel. And that is why business points don’t take risks.

Accidentally you are caught by the police and you pay a fine. You want to take action against those police and hotel managers . you just write indices on a piece of paper .And you just send to email of superior of police and complain district Magistrate or meet also in one week darbar sabha going on there you have to take appointment meeting

The superial of police is not talking any kind of action then you complaint to state human right commission you say him didn’t taking action by commercial of police and please handle my case and he will accept your case and fear he have all SPs he have contact of all

Who wants to book a hotel in NCR here trick is available. There are some hotels and websites for the few information you have submitted and the easiest you will checkin in a hotel. There are some hotels where the service is very good.

Please report the matter to the SSP of the district. In writing. Giving all the details including the date, time and location of occurrence and the number of people who came to check.

You have not done anything illegal. Even on suspicion of prostitution the police can’t act thus. It may also be possible that these are not even people authorised to do this kind of checking. Any way the fact that they let you off after taking a bribe opens them up for prosecution.

With my personal response I am sharing a trick to book a hotel. The will not give service to unmarried couples to share a hotel room and they deny the book of yours . If you book a hotel room then you don’t ask for an unmarried couple because he will deny your service. You might book for two people.

First do not ask them to give you a hotel room for an unmarried couple. One you check into a hotel the hotel can’t deny your service. You might book a room in a hotel for two people. This trick will work almost all the time . If the hotel will not allow room after registration. then calling customer service to book my room at another hotel near by you and customer service does your is simple for you.