In India people wear dresses. It’s not only about different states, it is about different religions. The language is various types of religion and from around the world tourists will come to India to visit all states and wear traditional dress in states . And we talked about that only on the page. In India every type of trend and fashion is followed .


Kerala is an Indian. The traditional look of Kerala is called “Mundu ”. Which wear the lower portion of the body, from the waistline of the body to the foot. This clothes is white and is for both men and women .

You must visit Kerala ? You will see women and men wearing pundu and it is colour in white. The good spirit and [delicacy] gentility. Their human nature [venture] of people. There people are always welcome visitors from all over India and world.

Men traditional clothes in Kerala:

Men traditional clothes in Kerala. The lower clothes mundu is white colour and is wear waistline of the body. Many people wear melmundu. Like a towel on the shoulders . Hindus men wear jubba for the weddings or for special occasions. Muslim men wear sherwani or kurta its heavily embroiedered and wear cap also is called kulla.

Women traditional clothes in kerala:

Women’s clothes are mundum – neriyathum. It is similar to mundus. A one of them is worn around the middle portion of the body to the lower portion of the body and one side on the shoulder and failing to lower the portion from the back of the body. It’s like sarees.


The person who is leaving in uttarpradesh many types of clothes of uttar pradesh. For the men, dhoti or lungi and for the women, kurta pyjama . The retail or manufacture clothes like salwaar kameez and for the men have a formal clothes sherwani and on top is topi or pagri. The youngsters of uttar pradesh are most found in jeans and t-shirts and girls in jeans and tops.


Maharashtra is a beautiful state in culture and modern trend dressing also. And the traditional dress of men is dhoti wear with pheta. Their headdress is a form of silk, cotton or wool and it is known as pagadi . The traditional dress of women is sarees, with choli, and it looks awesome and beautiful.


The traditional clothes of gujarat of men is churidar pajamas and kurta, wear with vibrant for formal alse casual occasions and its colourful and beautiful. The traditional clothes of women in Gujarat is chaniya choli worn with ghagra choli and lehenga choli in festivals like navratri.on the shoulder of a girl or woman is dupattas or is called odhni. Basically women in gujaratri sarees and its very beautiful.


The traditional clothes of punjab of men is kurta pajamas is some similar to churidar style as well as wear with pagri it is a headgear of punjabis pride. The punjab states the teaching of wearing shoes, juti that punjab adopted for the rest of the country. For formal occasions. The traditional wear of women in salwar kameez is similar to churidar, as selected by women of punjab as well. In the special occasion patiala salwaar from punjab state and the women also wear the ghagra when husband wears kurta pajama .

Karnataka :

The traditional clothes of karnataka of men is angavastrawear with lungi. The traditional clothes of women in Karnataka are sarees. Because karnataka is a supplier of silk in all over the country.the karnataka is produced sarees kanchipuram and kanjivaram silk as also various types of clothes like brocades and coffins.


The traditional clothes of Delhi of men is pajama wear with kurta or the Delhi all religion people will stay there and all trends are followed. And for tourists or from other people will come to stay here for one day in a hotel. The hotel for a few hours is there in Delhi. The traditional clothes of women are different types of fashion which are on trend and also wear the salwar kameez. On the salwar kameez heavy embroidery works are done and that type of salwar kameez is transported all over in the work from there. The people of Delhi is friendly for all . But there are some people who cheat us.


The traditional clothes of Assam men are dhoti and shirt. The assam clothing trend is different from all over india.the traditional clothes of women is called mekhela . Mekhela is worn by women and it’s formed by silk material .Such as paat, eri and golden muga are wanted to make sarees and mekhalas. Mekkhala wear with chadar is woman thai phake wear with stripe girdle called chairchin.


The traditional clothes of kolkata off men is panjabi kurta with pajama or dhoti and the material is silk or cotton. The traditional clothes of women are bengal sarees of various material work. The work of sarees is silk, tant cotton, chiffon, etc. And the white sarees with red borders are very beautiful.


The traditional clothes of odisha of men are dhoti, kurta, and gumcha in the festival the people will wear. The western culture is very famous there because there are people who wear western culture. The traditional clothes of women wear sarees and sarees of odisha is highly demanded in India . Sari sambalpuri sarees is becoming a popular youngster of woman cities. The odisha is the best state to visit to book a hotel for a day.


The traditional clothes of rajasthan of men is angrakhait’s like a kurta, bandhgala it’s like a jacket and it is worn on a special occasion and turban it is like a pagri in red colour. The traditional clothes of women are ghagras, choli or khanchli and odhni or chunari and it is very beautiful the contrast of all colours .

Tamil Nadu:

The traditional clothes of tamil nadu of men in lungi and agravastra is also called dhoti and shirt. The traditional clothes of women are sarees and blouses , whenever the tamil nadu people wear their traditional dress then everyone will say beautiful and handsome.