The Mumbai city is the capital of Maharashtra and not that it is the central point of business, most businessmen and entrepreneurs live in Mumbai. However flying planes then will stop trying is known as jet lag.

.Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city and one of the center points for business activities However, plying through a plane can be quite tiring which we all know as jet lag. Herein, finding a place to nap after hitting for the meeting is something everyone craves for.

It’s not a quandary to find hotels if your itinerary spans for a day or two but probing for hotels on an hourly.  substratum in Mumbai is quite a task. That too if your peregrination to the city is just for a few hours and you are probing for an elusion or good nap of 3 to 4 hours. Thanks to technology, it’s now easy to find hotels on an hourly substructure in Mumbai just through a few clicks. Hexa room hourly is one such eminent platform that makes it possible for clients to book themselves in any hotel on an hourly substructure by visiting their portal. Just on alimenting the check-in time and amenities, you will be offered a myriad of options to pick from.

Book yourself instantly and get substantiation on email and SMS. So now no matter where you are and if you are visiting the city for a few hours, catch up with slumber and freshen up expeditiously by booking yourself into the best hotels in mumbai .

With affordable costing, high regards to hygiene and impeccable hospitality located at varied locations as per your accomodation. Make the most of your leisure, visit Brevistay and book the best hotel for a short stay.


After a long period of peregrinating from Kerala, I wanted my husband to relax into a 5star experience. Hexa hotels did that for us when we resided there for a couple of days in November 2017.

The hotel rooms and victuals options are wondrous.

I even repined about the room lock and my room was transmuted instantly in lieu of fine-tuning the lock.

We had Mr. ASHISH NEERATI looked after our stay and he ascertained that we were comfortable throughout our stay.

All the staff is very humble and auxiliary.

I dotted the victuals at all the restaurants including the Asian restaurant.