Nowadays kids crouched on the bed the entire vacation spending time either on a TV set or playing video games, etc. Children are becoming lethargic and avoid playing outdoor games because they are not taught to play so, nor do their parents get the time to play with them due to their busy routine. Here are 5 things you and your children can do this summer to make a profitable use of your vacation

1. Swimming classes

This is the best sport activity you can involve your children to do this summer. As swimming aids in losing weight and also helps to boost endurance and help to reduce stress in the body. It also keeps away from cardiovascular disease. Swimming keeps the lungs well functioning. In these scorching summer it would be very pleasant to have atleast 1 hour of swimming everyday. As children would love to play in water too and can benefit from it in the future. It can also help in emergency case during drowning or saving someone from drowning.

2. Karate classes

Nowadays various schools offer karate classes for the safety of the children. These days due to malpractice such as kidnapping, sexual harrassment, etc it has become prime responsibility of the parents to engage their children in karate classes. As it also assist in flexibility of the body and also lead us to healthy lifestyle. Karate brings a self confidence among oneself. It makes us feel focused and still. It instill in us the quality of discipline. Also parents can do this in their free time.

3. Meditation classes and yoga

At the present stage people have lost peace of mind and are getting into unhealthy habits. Their postures are getting bad day by day due to stooping in the bed the whole day. Meditation helps to be focused. Meditation aids in circulation of blood to the whole body and also the proper functioning of the body. Meditation brings peace of mind. It takes you to the level of satisfaction and fulfilment. It reduces stress and makes u feel content. Yoga increases the stretchability of the body and improve body language. Yoga also increases muscle strength and helps lower blood pressure.

4. Dance classes

You or your children can get engaged in the dance. It’s very helpful for the body it provides with proper balancing of the body. It keeps the heart and lungs in proper well conditioning. It makes your body flexible and makes u content. Dancing increases oxygen flow in the body. It helps us to reduce weight. It also helps the body to cordinate and agile. It makes your bone strong and keep you away from osteoporosis. There are various forms of dance you can opt for.

5. Cooking classes

In these days people are busy or when feeling lethargic, they order something online and eat the junk food. But in future it will cause destruction of the proper functioning of the body and mind. Nowadays cooking should be taught to both girls and boys. If sometimes in the emergency case if there is no one at home so you can cook something on your own and can eat healthy which cook by you. Today people are fooling around the nutritional facts of the food which they offer, due to this it is bringing unwanted health problems. To avoid this we can learn to cook at home