By- Aaindrila Dey

Friends are always the safe place one can turn to and they have been always our unpaid therapist. If you’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S then you obviously are a fan of it and you’re likely to remember how we’ve always dreamt of hanging and chilling out with our ‘friends’. People found Bombay and Opium, the drug and the city, the city of Opium and the drug Bombay. MUMBAI something pulls you here. And here we are going to talk about some places in Mumbai that makes you halt forever with your loved ones. Mumbai is an explorer’s paradise; and full of urban escapades. Visualize the hidden jewels of the city from the eyes of us and head out to these best hangout places in Mumbai to discover the city like a true Mumbaikar.


Located on the very tip of the tiny peninsula that makes up Mumbai, Colaba is a diverse and dynamic area of the city, filled with bustling markets, colorful art galleries, and historic monuments. With no shortage of things to see and do, here we explore the very best that this exciting area has to offer. This is the home of country’s most prolific hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace and iconic restaurants such as Leopold Café and Mondegar, the local is one of the main attractions for gourmands and explorers in the city. Colaba Causeway is a market extending from a scattered collection of stalls to a seemingly never ending boardwalk of irresistible things. Approaching the entrance to Colaba Causeway, you are greeted with galaxies of bags, exotic shawls, amusing household items, T-shirts sporting mottos and slogans, clothes and accessories. A shopaholic’s dream, the numerous cramped up stalls have many hidden treasures. To find your diamond amidst the rough, keep digging deeper – Colaba Causeway rewards the dedicated rummager. Bargaining is also a vital part of the process: never agree to the first three prices the seller offers you.

Perfect for: Street shopping, Breakfast, Late night


Kala Ghoda is Mumbai’s trendy art district, full of funky galleries, exquisite boutiques, and fun cafes. It’s a neighbourhood that’s bursting with culture and has so much history behind it that you could spend an entire day doing nothing but exploring. If, like us, that’s your idea of a day well spent, here’s a guide on things to do, places to explore, and dishes to eat in Kala Ghoda. If you’re in the mood for a light lunch, you’ll love the laid back vibe of The Pantry or Kala Ghoda Cafe – two of our favourite cafes in the area. Fancy a cappuccino with your face on it? Check out Selfiecinno instead! For a more robust meal, it’s either seafood galore at Trishna (try the sinful Butter Garlic Crab!), a traditional vegetarian thali at Chetana, or exquisite North-West Frontier Province classics at the iconic Khyber. It doesn’t stop there. For an upscale meal, the newest addition to the neighbourhood, Punjab Grill, is an elegant treat. As the art precinct of Mumbai, it would be a shame to visit Kala Ghoda and not visit one or more of the wonderful galleries here. Spots like the NGMA, Jehangir Art Gallery, Discover DAG, and Moksh Art Gallery constantly have new exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. You can spend the day gallery hopping, taking in a range of different types of art.

Perfect for : Food and Art lovers


Nariman Point is named after Khursheed Framji Nariman, a municipal corporator who had initiated the area’s development as an extension to the Back Bay reclamation. Nariman Point houses some of India’s prestigious business headquarters, and despite its decline (see below), it remains one of the more expensive business districts in India, exceeded only by Delhi’s Connaught Place and – since April 2012 – by Mumbai’s own Bandra-Kurla Complex. Nariman Point is Mumbai’s business district, with high-rise offices and upscale hotels, popular for sunset drinks at the sea-facing bars. The area lies near the end of marine drive. So one can take the quick coastal drive. This is a well known place for hanging out with your buddies. It is probably one of the go to go place for mumbaikars. Recommended time to visit over here is during sunsets. If you’re free of any time constraints, watch a movie at the INOX multiplex or wine and dine at Ristorante Prego in CR2 Mall.

Perfect for : Moviegoers, friends outing


Carter Road is a well known hangout spot alongside Bandstand Promenade, a jogging track, a park and additionally a Lovers Point. Carter Road attracts a lot of couples and singles, as it has a culinary line full of elegant restaurants and cafes. Enjoy the romantic sunset and drinking roadside coffee at Carter Road along with the weather, which is perfect to make your evening romantic with your girlfriend in Mumbai, or a relaxed afternoon making it one of the best places to visit in Mumbai with friends as well. How to reach: Khar Railway Station , Bandra Marshall Railway Station are the very nearby railway stations to Carter Road.Timings: Carter Road stays open all the time, and there are many restaurants that stay open till late hours in the night.8. This place is mainly for them who love to go to Coffee shops and Restaurants. Many Bollywood film stars live in this area. If you will go to Joggers Park in the morning then definitely you will see some known and famous faces from Bollywood. If you will drive for another 4 km you will reach the famous area mainly known due to the home to non-other than BIG B (Mr. Amitabh Bachchan). Also presence of Beach in this area makes it more electrifying. Beach is beautiful but crowded. Many Eating outlets. But it is very costly and not worth also. Entry fee: NIL Recommended length of Visit: 1-2 hrs. (Depends on your mood :)) How to Reach: Just 2 kms from Bandstand; easily walkable. For Juhu take Auto. Beach is around 4 km from Carter road. If you going directly to Juhu then get down at Santa Cruz station and take Auto (Rs30) and then from Juhu go to Carter Road.

Perfect for: Street Food, Joggers


Did you know that Mohammad Ali road in South Mumbai, which is well known for food lanes which come alive with gastronomic activities during the Holy month of Ramadan is named after Mohammad Ali Jouhar. Some of the most famous Khau Gallis (food lanes) will have melt-in-the-mouth tikkas, kebabs, rolls, and mithai served post-sunset for the whole month. But if you are new to the city or haven’t really experienced Iftar food here, the much talked about food at Mohammed Ali Road is a must have during Ramadan. You will have a variety of dishes for Non-vegetarians, Vegetarians, and sweet cravers to choose from, with stalls spread over 4 lanes in the area around Minara Masjid. This experience is not for the weak-hearted for here you will have people hogging with a greedy craving for almost everything Mohammed Ali Road has to offer in food. But if you are a first-timer, we’d suggest you pick the best out of the best. To make sure you don’t come back disappointed, we have curated a list of restaurants you must visit and some of the dishes you could try out of their menu. These are all tried and tested, so go ahead and have the most unforgettable food walk this city can offer.

Here’s a list of Top Mohammad Ali Road Restaurants

Where you can find legendary food at Mohammed Ali road

●Hindustan Hotel


●Modern Sweets

●Mashaallah Cuisine

●Marhaba Fast Food

●Bismillah corner

●Burhanpur Mawa Jalebi

●Bade Miyan

Perfect for : College hangout, lunch


Ghatkopar is known for its excellent food options, so we decided to explore the entire Ghatkopar Khau Galli and find things to eat under 100 bucks! So if you’re broke in Ghatkopar, worry not; because you’ll not only survive, but find some really great food options.

●Peri Peri Maggi Toast at Cheese on Fire (Cost: Rs 75)

●Double Malai Gola at Pooja Malai Gola (Cost: Rs 80)

●Ice-cold pani puri at Jai Durga (Cost: Rs 30)

●Bhaji cones at Brijesh (Cost: Rs 20)

●Dahi Dhokla at Sonu (Cost: Rs 50)

●Pan Milkshake (Cost: Rs 60)

●Butter Masala Sev Khichiya Papad (Cost: Rs 40)

Perfect for: Street food


Tourists who are fond of viewing fish can opt for snorkeling activities during the water sports season. One can also have fun by shopping for fresh fish from Versova Beach. Sitting back, lazing on the shore and watching fishermen catching fish from the sea is also a blissful experience for many. Versova Beach is an exceptional location for taking photographs. Capturing the beach’s scenic beauty in cameras is a perfect leisure activity for anyone who visits this part of the city. Tourists can also opt for horse/donkey rides across the shore. One can witness the massive festive celebrations organized at this beach. One important festival for the Kolis is ‘Coconut Day, where coconut offerings are made to the God of the Sea—’Holi’. Ganesh Chathurthi is also a magnificent festival held at this beach every year, where the locals immerse the Elephant God ‘Ganesh’ into the sea, praying for prosperity, happiness and good health. The beach is only one of the many places that you must visit on your trip to the area. Visit the Iskon temple, watch a movie at PVR juhu, chill out at quirky cafes, watch live gigs and unwind at plus bars- you can never fall short of activities to do in versova.

Perfect for: college Hangout, post work drinks

MUMBAI have so many things to offer you, that once you have lived in MUMBAI no other city is good enough.