Know your city?

Let the world experience your city, join the Hexarooms Local Expert Team, and make your contributions

How does it work?


Sign up

Register to join our team.


Add your services

Once the registration is approved, you can add  your services (Hotels, Tours, Rental Car and Activities) with content, images, and instructions. Your service will be approved by Hexarooms Admin after proper review to avoid any errors. After that, the service which you have created will be live on the website for users to book.


Get bookings

Your listed services will be seen by the users and they will book the services for available dates. The booking will be notified to you via email/text.

Share the beauty of your city

Why be a Local Expert

Earn an Additional Income

With Hexa Rooms, you can add tours,hotels,rental cars,etc and can earn commission on every booking.

Spread your network

Know different people, language and culture which will add values in your life

Contribute to World Tourism

Showcase the local places, make the travelers to experience it, thus add your own inputs to promote Tourism


Do we have control over the property?

Yes, you have full control over the property. We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. Means you’re in control of your property.

Can we update the price of the service once it is set?

Yes, you can update the price of your service whenever you want.

Do you charge customers extra?

We don’t add anything onto the price which you have set. Unlike other platforms which often charge guests, the price you set is the price we display.

Do you charge in order to be a local partner?

No, we don’t charge you can register for free.