Powai is the upmarket residential area, with beautiful buildings, gardens, lake, malls etc. It is an elegant place. Here are the 10 best place to visit in Powai-

1. Hiranandani garden park

Hiranandani garden is like a greenary park. A very pleasant place to chill. It has a peaceful environment.

2. Powai lake

It is an artificial lake in Powai. You can enjoy a spectacular sunset in evening. It is a great place to spend a calm evening.

3. Hakone

Hakone offers a best go-karting track in Mumbai. Go- kart prices are also reasonable. It’s a relevant place for adventure lovers.

4. Nirvana park

It is one of the biggest park in Powai. It is a great place to relax and chill. The entire park is well maintained and and enrich with beautiful Asian lantern.

5. Gurudwara

This temple is very beautifully decorated. It has its religious importance. It is a newly built place in Powai.

6. Galleria

Galleria is the biggest mall in Powai. It is considered as the heart of Powai. You can find everything there from jewelleries, attire to food,pubs, etc.

7. Breeze lounge

Breeze lounge is the best place for couples. It offers spectacular view of Powai from the lounge. It has a rooftop restaurant. You can have a romantic date with your partner.

8. Hoppipola

It is a hotspot to relax and unwind for youngsters. It offers variety of food in its menu. It has best interior and offers you interesting things.

9. Mahakali caves

It is also known as kondivite caves. It is a group of 19 cut monuments. It displays Buddhist mythology figures.

10. Phoenix mall

It is one of the largest shopping mall in India. It is a huge mall with almost all of your favourite brands and some amazing restaurants. It has amazing artwork in it. Very amazing to spend time